How to Choose a Good Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne


There is no shortage of criminal lawyers in Melbourne. Many claim to be the best or the most experienced. However, often their claims are generic and unsupported by facts or figures. This makes it tricky for clients to choose a criminal lawyer that they can trust with their case.

We understand that facing criminal charges is frightening and trying to choose a good criminal lawyer is stressful. But it is important to get this decision right. The competence of your lawyer will affect the outcome of your case and the rest of your life. We have put together this guide to take the stress out of choosing the right criminal lawyer for your matter. When making your choice, consider the following factors.

Generalists vs Criminal Law Specialist

It would be unwise to ask a plumber to build your entire home. Similarly, it is not recommended that you hire a generalist lawyer to handle your criminal matter.

Many lawyers in Melbourne are generalists. This means that they only practice in criminal law occasionally. The majority of their time is spent focusing on other unrelated areas such as conveyancing or family law. As a result, their experience and knowledge in criminal law is limited.

On the other hand, criminal law specialists focus solely on defending criminal charges. On a daily basis, they advise and represent clients who are facing a range of criminal charges at all levels of the Victorian Justice System. This wealth of experience and knowledge means that expert criminal lawyers can find legal defences and arguments that generalist lawyers might miss entirely. And, as experts, they are often better-prepared and more acquainted with the courts and the court staff, meaning your case will be navigated through the justice system in the most efficient and effective manner.

The Relationship with Your Criminal Lawyer

Do not hire a criminal lawyer based solely on their website or advertisements. First, get to know them over the phone or in a consultation. Throughout your criminal matter, you will likely be in regular contact with one another. You need to know that you can trust and get along with your lawyer for the entirety
of your case.

When making initial enquiries, ask questions that will allow you to judge the lawyer’s commitment to your case. You can trust a lawyer if you know they will do everything legally possible to secure a positive outcome in your case. However, if the lawyer seems distracted or uninterested, you should keep looking.

Also, beware of lawyers that try to win you over with empty guarantees and promises. A good criminal lawyer is confident, but not arrogant. No lawyer should guarantee you a specific outcome in your case. But an expert will give you the best chance at a positive outcome by putting in the necessary preparation to build a strong case.

Try to judge how passionate your criminal lawyer is about their job and your case. This will be the best indicator of how much you can trust your lawyer to do right by you. A great criminal lawyer is one who is passionate about justice and ready to fight for your rights.


Many lawyers will claim that they are highly experienced, yet much of their experience won’t relate to criminal law. Ask your prospective lawyer about their experience in criminal law specifically.

Ensure that your criminal lawyer is experienced not only in advising clients, but also representing clients before the courts. An experienced criminal lawyer will have advised and represented hundreds of clients in criminal matters.

Also, ask whether the lawyer has dealt with cases similar to yours in the past? They may be able to detail the outcomes of similar cases, which will give you an idea as to how competent they will be in dealing with your particular matter. Similarly, they may have worked alongside Senior or Queen’s Counsel in previous matters, which is another indicator of extensive criminal law experience.

Responsive Client Care

Knowledge and experience are vital in achieving the best possible legal outcome. But it is also important that your lawyer instils you with a personal sense of confidence and reassurance. The best criminal lawyers will care for their clients’ needs at all times.

When you enquire with a criminal lawyer, you should generally expect that lawyer to return your call on the same day. If they are unwilling to return your initial call promptly, you must question how devoted they will be to your case. Unreturned calls and enquiries are often the tell-tale signs of a lawyer who is uninterested in the needs of their client.

A great criminal lawyer is one who is willing to listen to your questions and concerns. They should talk to you in terms that are clear to you. They will ensure that you understand all of your options and provide you with sound advice when making important decisions. They should act on your instructions promptly. And they should keep you informed, regularly calling you with any updates to your matter.

Choosing the Right Law Firm for You

Sher Criminal Lawyers is a specialist criminal law firm. We offer expert knowledge and experience in criminal law. Our criminal lawyers have helped hundreds of clients, in all areas of criminal law and at all levels of the Victorian Justice System.

We also commit to providing the best client care in the legal industry. We understand the anxiety and stress of facing a criminal charge, so we make the process as easy as possible for our clients.

Over years, our lawyers have built a reputation upon infallible case preparation, eloquent representation and unmatched customer service.

Do not hesitate to give us a call or send an enquiry. We are here to help you. A quick chat will help you to decide whether we are the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne for you.

Our expert criminal lawyers service Dandenong, Geelong, Moorabbin, Ringwood, Sunshine, Broadmeadows, Frankston, Werribee, Ballarat, Preston, and Victoria-wide.

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